Discover 6 Floors of Uncommon Home Furnishings | One Step Inside Stange's & You'll Know You're Not in Kansas Anymore. 

Check Out Our Quarantine Quarters Video Series

Stuck in our nearly empty store, Liz and John set out to make some videos of our uncommon home furnishings.

It's turned into quite an adventure.

Because her last "cut & color" occurred just before shut down, we predict she will be "The Last Blonde Standing."  The leading ladies of Waupaca Fashion drop by too.

The shortest episode is 35 seconds, the longest is 5 minutes. Give one a try.

On to Quarantine Quarters Its a Hoot!

Now Showing at Stange's

Wow! Where did you find that?

Gimpse a few of the special pieces currently on display inside Stange's 22,000 square foot showroom. Uncommon Home Furnishings await.

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Interior Design Help

Design Sevices

Whether you need just a little help or a complete design plan, Stange's Design Team can help. Your Creative Partner is ready to help bring your dreams for your home to life. Let's get started.

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Stressless Comfort

Stressless Comfort

Whether you are built like a skyscraper or a Lilliputian, discover furniture made to fit your body like a glove. Stressless will fit your back, legs, shoulders & neck like no other.

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Your Basic Box

Window Treatments, Flooring, Sleep & Work

It's all the basics of life. Find all the latest products and friendly knowledgeable people to help you make smart choices. We can help cover your windows & floors.  Discover great home office options. Your great night's sleep is waiting too.

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