Why Hire a Designer?

It looks so easy.

One would think, with all of the home shows and websites out there, we would all be living in rooms that look like they were pulled right off the pages of Architectural Digest.  Night after night, you watch interior designers throw together a room in a half-hour’s time slot.

Chances are if you have been inspired by one of these programs then you are probably reading this article from a room that has one freshly painted accent wall.


Do it yourself only goes so far.

Meanwhile the viewer is at home thinking, “I can do that too!”  You make the attempt and when you are done you sit and wonder, “Why doesn’t my room look like the one on TV?”

You have piles of catalogs with cute things for your home, but will they work in your space? Does Grandma’s chair work with the newer sofa?  Will a new room arrangement improve the function of this room?

Does anybody have the answers to my decoration dilemmas?!  Yes!  They are called designers.  And although you see designers at work on the design shows, it seems a lot of people are still confused about what it is a designer actually does.  Do they paint, recover sofas, or fashion furniture out of pallets?  Not in the real world they don’t!

Interior Designers have the tools and training to make sense of your space.


A designer has a degree and has studied subjects like color theory, fiber science, space planning, furniture history, basic house systems, psychology, and much more.  With understanding of these subjects they can guide you in making color and furnishing selections, room arrangements, and minor renovation help as well.

Liz working

With a multitude of resources, including furnishings, relationships with contractors, and experience, a designer can save you time and money.  A designer will help guide you through a myriad of choices while offering peace of mind knowing you have made a sound decision on furnishings that will nurture your family for years to come.  Create a look that you’ll love to come home to by calling a Stange’s designer today. 715-258-8113

Stange's designer showcase family room

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