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Stressless Comfort

Watch a Stressless Chair Being Made

How Do They Make a Stressless Recliner?

Robot comes from the Czech word for slave and you'll see plenty of robots inside the Norwegian Stressless factory.  Watch all the steps involved in making your Stressless recliner. Because your Stressless chair is ergonomically designed to conform to your neck, shoulders, back and legs like no other, your body can relax. How do they create all this comfort and support? Take a look.

Stressless at Home App

Stressless at Home App

Design and visualize any room in your home

Turn on your imagination. Open up our Stressless® @home app and start dreaming. The app lets you customize any of our seating just the way you envision it, and then place it within any room shot you snap with your phone’s camera. You also can use the app’s AR, 360-degree spin and 3D functionalities to zoom in, zoom out, walk around the room and more. Get started by downloading our app below! And learn more by watching our tutorial video.

It’s really easy!
Download the app from Apple App store or Google Play
When opening the app it will automatically download all available Stressless products
Choose model, materials, color and base
Activate the AR functionality and see the furniture live through the camera lens on your mobile or tablet


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