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Stressless Zone

Our Stressless Zone

Take a Look Inside Our Stressless Zone

Our Stressless Zone Designed to help you learn what it takes to get comfortable

Come experience reclining furniture that caresses your neck, supports your shoulders, relieves strain from your back, knees and legs like no other. When you experience where your body need support it all becomes an easy choice. Your body will tell you which pieces fit you best. With 70 or more seats on display inside our Zone, we can't give you the full experience in our short video. We do hope to show you enough to pique your interest.

When you come to Stange's, you will want to have us explain what you need to get comfortable. We'll show you the tells your body sends you as whether it is relaxing or tensing up.  Once you understand those tell, our Stressless furniture will speak for itself.

We always sell Stressless at the manufacturers lowest authorized price. We deliver your Stressless for free throughout Wisconsin into Northern Illinois and upper Michigan. And, We are really nice people. Come test the comfort of Stressless for your self.

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Stressless Zone

Our Stressless Zone

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Stressless at Home App

The Science of Stressless Comfort

Ekornes has studied comfort for over 80 years and they've applied all they have learned into every piece of Stressless reclining furniture.  As a result, your body will feel Stressless Comfort as soon as you sit down. We will guide you to the best possibilities to fit your body.We'll show you what it takes to make your body relax. Once you understand, then your body will tell you which chair fits you best.

Only our trained staff at Stange's can do a better job of explaining the comfort of Stressless furniture. Wet your appetite for Stressless with our video. Then head for Stange's to experience the furniture that will fit your body like a glove.

Stressless at Home App

Stressless at Home App

Design and visualize any room in your home

Turn on your imagination. Open up our Stressless® @home app and start dreaming. The app lets you customize any of our seating just the way you envision it, and then place it within any room shot you snap with your phone’s camera. You also can use the app’s AR, 360-degree spin and 3D functionalities to zoom in, zoom out, walk around the room and more. Get started by downloading our app below! And learn more by watching our tutorial video.

It’s really easy!
 Download the app from Apple App store or Google Play
When opening the app it will automatically download all available Stressless products
Choose model, materials, color and base
Activate the AR functionality and see the furniture live through the camera lens on your mobile or tablet


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