Smokin in the Boiler Room

How Taylor – Stange Furniture began.

Back in 1952, teachers Sammy Taylor & Bob Stange, were smoking cigarettes in the boiler room of Waupaca High School when they decided it would be a great idea to quit their jobs and open a furniture store. It would be called Taylor – Stange Furniture Store. Sammy was a life long Waupaca resident with lots of friends. Bob was a new comer to the area having been raised in Oshkosh. Bob who had an electronics background from the army would double as their first TV repairman.

Sam Taylor and Bob Stange

They decided to to tell their wives Lois and Rene over a game of bridge. I can only imagine my mother saying, “you’re going to do what!!?” It was quite a risk because Sammy & Rene had 2 young boys at home while and Bob & Lois had one.

Taylor Stange Furniture Store

They rented this store front from Randy Hansen who had his photography studio upstairs. They sold furniture, appliances, TV’s and radios. At one point they even sold eggs.  When they went all day without a sale they would go upstairs and sell Randy a pencil because any sale was a good sale.

Taylor Stange Furniture first Truck

Every June we celebrate the wild chance Sammy and Bob took when they risked their savings to open a furniture store. Risk a jaunt to Waupaca yourself because we believe you are going to love us. Discover all sorts of uncommon home furnishings designed to set your home apart. You will love what you see.

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