Mighty Indigo Tile & Grout Cleaner


The most powerful non-toxic low odor environmentally friendly grout cleaner available! This is the best grout cleaner we have found and it works with almost no effort. Water only clean up makes it easy to use. Available at Stange’s in 22 fl oz.  spray applicator bottles. You will be amazed!

Low Odor. Non-Toxic. Mildew & Fungus Resistant. Easy Application. Water Based. No Heavy Chemicals

For use on tile, grout, marble, granite, travertine, all natural stones (including Limestone, Sandstone, and Slate), and artificial stone. Also effective on several other surfaces including concrete, painted steel, steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, bronze and plastic surfaces.  Always do an inconspicuous test to determine suitability. Mighty Indigo is a slightly alkaline cleaner and has a pH of 10.5.


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Mighty Indigo Tile & Grout Cleaner

Mighty Indigo Tile & Grout Cleaner is for deep cleaning with minimal effort on grout, tile, natural and fabricated stone. Non-toxic. Non- flammable. Low Odor and biodegradable. Always do an inconspicuous test to determine suitability.

Mighty Indigo is a slightly alkaline water solution of anionic oil splitting surfactants used in heavy-duty industrial applications primarily for ambient, low effort cleaning. Mighty Indigo is a high performance detergent with a high dispersive capacity, excellent wetting, superior detergency and unique coupling characteristics. 


Shake well. Use a low-pressure sprayer, brush or broom. Application temperature range 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove as much of stain buildup as possible. Apply sufficient material to thoroughly wet the surface. Allow to work on surface 5-15 minutes depending on severity of stain. Use a stiff bristle brush or broom in circular motion on severe buildup. Rinse surface by hosing with water or with high pressure washer (low psi recommended). Mop rinsing is possible with a clean soap free mop and clean hot water. Cycle cleaning and rinsing may be necessary.  Test application should be performed especially on painted surfaces.


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