Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner


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Keep Your Leather Furniture Clean and Supple

Just like your own skin, without proper care & protection, excessive dryness can cause leather to crack. Too much moisture can cause it to stiffen and dry out. To retain its beauty & desirable qualities, leather requires conditioning to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. dry skin

Unprotected leather is highly susceptible to spotting from water & other liquids. Water & detergents contain minerals & chemicals that when dry will remain on the leather causing deterioration of the natural fibers. The use of too much oil or wax can clog pores. When this happens, leather loses its ability to allow air in & moisture out. Even worse, oils & wax attract dirt and dust particles which actually cut the microscopic fibers that make leather so strong & durable.

Hide Bracer provides water resistance without sealing the leather surface. It protects against staining & discoloration that can occur from contact with water, body oils, cosmetics, lotions, hair sprays, perspiration & other soiling agents.  Hide Bracer is compatible with the finishes applied at the tannery and pH stable.


Hide Bracer 8 fl oz. Bottle (Free Shipping)

  • One step process – easy to use
  • Reduces damage from improper care
  • Protects leather with a barrier against dirt and spills
  • It guards and reduces ultraviolet fading
  • Helps prevent leathers from drying and cracking
  • Maintains and increase the natural  feel or “hand” of fine leather
  • Repels dirt and grime keeping leather clean and soft
  • Safe for bright and light pastel fashion tones
  • Helps remove scratches from oiled or pull-up waxed leathers