Plan Your Visit

How to prepare for your visit to Stange's

Have you been in every furniture store in the area and don't feel like you've accomplished a thing? We'll have a designer waiting to provide you with Free Design Assistance when you arrive. Follow these guidelines and make a day of Stange's and surrounding Waupaca & the Chain 'O Lakes.

Gather Samples

If you are shopping for a case piece (any non-upholstered item) and would like to come as close as possible to your existing wood finish(es), you may want to bring a small drawer with you or a wood chip if available. 

If you are shopping for upholstered items you will definitely want to bring in pillows, arm caps, window treatment fabrics (bring the whole drapery panel if you need to), paint chips, carpet samples, etc. Perhaps you may not have pillows or swatches of your upholstery fabric. Don't be afraid to bring in your seat cushion from your sofa.

Also, it is common for upholstery manufacturers (especially leather) to sew a swatch of fabric into the deck of your sofa/chair. Look under your seat cushions for a small swatch of fabric. It may even be under the piece of furniture. 


Draw a Floor Plan

If you have a scaled floor plan of your home or room, bring it with! This is probably the most helpful piece of information when shopping for furnishings. If you don't have a floor plan measure your room. This is how our designers do it:
Draw your room from a plan perspective. This often times is just a square or rectangle. Take note of any windows, doors, openings or fireplaces by making tick marks in the general vicinity on the "walls" of your square or rectangle. Pick a corner to start from. With a measuring tape measure from each extremity of the room to the next, i.e. corner to window frame, across window, other side of window frame, to the arched opening, across opening, etc. Write down each value, rounded up or down to the nearest inch, in its corresponding section on the square. See the example below.


As you can see it doesn't need to be a work of art!

Take Pictures

Snap a few photographs of your room and furniture. This helps us to understand your style and lets us see architectural elements that don't always translate well with words. You may even want to clip out some pictures in magazines of room styles or furniture styles that appeal to you. These clippings will help to narrow the search for that sofa or armoire you've always wanted.

Enlist a Friend or Spouse

Bring a shopping companion(s) that is patient and interested in what you are looking for. Bring your spouse or best friend(s) and make a day of it. Waupaca and the Chain O' Lakes have a lot to offer. Do lunch at a variety of eateries or peruse the shops on Main Street and in King. Go to the beach or rent a pontoon for the afternoon and tour the Chain. We'll be happy to fill you in on all of the hot spots around town.

Call Ahead

After you have gathered all of these samples and sketched out a floor plan, take advantage of our free in-store design assistance. Just like others advertise, Stange's has always offered free in-store help by our professional design staff. Our designers work with clients on a daily basis in and out of the store, so they have seen their share of design challenges. They may just have a creative solution to what you have always viewed as a problem. So call to set up a no obligation appointment with one of our professional designers today 800-440-8113 or 715-258-8113

Allow Yourself Plenty of Time

This is very important. If you are really serious about purchasing furniture, plan to be in the store for an hour to two hours and two to three hours if you have scheduled time with a designer. We have 22,000 square feet of showroom plus a wealth of items in catalogs to see. You'll want to be sure to see it all.
We look forward to seeing you!

Ask us a question or arrange an appointment for Free Design Assistance.

If you'd like to talk on the phone, we'll have a designer respond to your question during our business hours so give us a daytime phone number. You'll find our business hours at the bottom of this page.

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