She Laughed When I Spilled Wine on Her Sofa!

kid proof fabrics - cleanable fabric resists red wine

Wine, coffee, mud--these fabrics can handle it all.

Been dreaming of a white sofa but afraid of the stains? Look no further than Kid Proof Fabrics from Crypton, Revolution, Sunbrella , Wear Proof and Wear Proof Plus. You''ll be able to laugh to when the Cabernet hits your cushions. Yes, you can spill red wine on a white sofa and not have a heart attack.

stain resistant


All Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics inherently resist virtually all stains and spills. Treat stains quickly by first blotting the trouble area with a clean damp cloth which in most cases will remove the majority of the stain.



All Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics meet and exceed Industry standards for durability. They are constructed to meet high wearability standards, combining durable fibers and heavy duty construction.

liquid repellancy


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are designed to repel liquids. The occasional spilled glass of juice or coffee will simply bead and puddle up on the surface allowing you to hand blot with a clean cloth.

odor resistance


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are designed with Silver Ion Technology which helps resist microbial development thus inhibiting odor causing bacteria.


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are saturated with highly UV stable pigments providing the ultimate protection towards the degrading effects of sunlight. Consider this if your furniture will be exposed to high levels of ultraviolet sunlight because all fabrics have the potential to fade under these conditions.

Cleanup is Easy! Check out this video from Crypton

Years of beautiful, reliable durability.

"If this fabric resists stains, is it full of chemicals?" So glad you asked. Crypton totes a GREENGUARD Gold certification, which means that it doesn't have a chemical smell or heavy off-gassing. Even chemically-sensitive people are able to enjoy Crypton fabric without a problem. Let us help you create the look you'll love to come home to with a sofa, chair or sectional covered in a Kid Proof Fabric.

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