Innovative Dining

Danish Design & Functionality

When it comes to unique dining tables with self storing leaves, no one compares to Skovby.

By turning the turntable under the tabletop the three leaves move synchronously to a position that makes room for the extension leaves in the base. When light pressure is applied the extension leaves unfold by means of a spring placed under the triangle in the middle of the table.

At the office or anywhere in your home, this multi-function table makes a great choice for lots of purposes. When the leaves are raised it can seat three to six people.The reversible  pedestal top is covered in stainless steel on one side, making it tolerant to hot objects. The large drawer inside the pedestal has two wire shelves that provide excellent storage space.


One of our favorites, this dining table is equipped with a synchronous extension system, i.e. both halves of the dining tabletop slide away from each other simultaneously. This makes the hidden extension leaf rise up for smooth unfolding.


This design has a sculptural V-shaped base and a dynamic appearance. 

The advantage of this base is that you can place the chairs around the table as you please, without having to consider the table legs.

There first big idea

Innovative Dining Began Here

It's the table that started it all for Skovby. Made in 2 sizes. The small version will seat 6 to 14 people. The large can extend far enough to seat 20.

Innovative Dining taken to New Heights

The laminate top version of this table makes the most sense to us. Raise it up to counter height to create a whole lot of extra work space in your kitchen. Then drop it down to dining height for family meal time.

The table has a hidden rechargeable battery and no cords, except when it is recharged. It can at eight comfortably and with 2 extension leaves stored under the tabletop you can serve up to 12.


Your Own Skovby Catalog


Take a look at everything Skovby makes by clicking on this image of their Catalog.

Skovby Catalog

During Quarantine Quarters we took a look at many of our Dining Sets - Take a look

When Quarantine Quarters ends you may want to have a dinner party. Liz shows you a menu of uncommon entrees for a new dining set. We're featuring many uncommon dining tables with self storing leaves

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