Glimpse Inside Our Stressless Zone

How much Stressless Furniture will you find at Stange’s? If you enter through our Washington Street doors you can descend directly into Stange’s Stressless Zone. A huge selection of Stressless furniture is ready for you to test.

The Live Series chairs at the foot of the stairs show you the three available base options. The small shows the rocking Signature Base. The medium has the powered self contained Leg Comfort leg rest. The large is shown in the Classic Base.

huge selection of Stressless furniture inside our Zone


Turn right turn to these 4 groups of Stressless recliners shown in small, medium and large. There’s one extra Leg Comfort chair thrown into the mix too.

Stressless furniture Stressless recliners


Turn left to another 5 collections of Stressless recliners. One style is shown twice showing all sizes in both the Classic Base and in the new rocking Signature Base. You can barely see two ottoman in the bottom right corner of the picture. This is an area where we frequently show whatever closeout or discontinued models we may happen to have.

Stressless furniture Stressless recliners


Our Stressless Skeletons

On each side in the center we feature a skeleton of a Stressless chair. Your sales associate will explain how everything works to achieve the most comfortable seating in the world. We ‘ll help you find a Stressless that fills in the curve of your neck, relaxes your shoulders, in a seat depth to give you outstanding back support. We’ll want to fully support your legs without putting any pressure on your knees or back. With all these chairs most people find several that are contenders for their dream recliner.

Stressless furniture Stressless recliner skeleton


Stressless Sofas

Even if you are looking for a sofa or sectional we’ll want to start you in the chairs. Getting the feel of a proper fit for your body really helps narrow down which sofa styles will work best for you. Stressless furniture really is made to fit your body. Some Stressless sofas are made to match the seat depths and back heights of large chairs, others match medium chairs.

Here is our Pause low back sofa and high back loveseat. All Stressless reclining sofa styles are available in high and low back versions.

Stressless furniture Stressless Pause High Back and Low Back


Our next group shows the Stressless Liberty with an Arion chair. The Arion and the Pause in the previous picture are close cousins. They both use the same seat and back. Only the shape of the arms and the leg options change. The Liberty, Arion and Pause are among the Stressless styles with adjustable height headrests to help fit a variety of people comfortably.

Stressless furniture Stressless Arion


Here’s our Como loveseat with a Crown recliner both in Paloma Chocolate, Stressless’ best selling leather.

Stressless furniture Stressless Como High Back


Before we leave our Washington Street lower level we skipped over The Stressless Leo Sectional and 2 of our 3 sizes of the View Stressless recliner series. I also skipped over 3 Stressless Office Chairs. Hey, there are only so many hours in the day.

Stressless furniture Stressless Leo Sectional

Going up the 3 steps into our Union Street Lower Level reveals even more furniture from Stressless. Here’s our Manhattan loveseat.

Stressless furniture Ekornes Manhattan Loveseat


The Buckingham is a classic Stressless style with it’s exposed wood frame. All Stressless furniture is available 8 different wood finishes and a wide variety of leathers and fabrics.

Stressless furniture Stressless Buckingham High Back

Ergo Adapt

The E300 with Ergo Adapt has movement in the seat that changes position depending on where you body lands on the seat.

Stressless furniture Stressless E300


Here’s our Oslo sofa shown in Paloma Henna.

Stressless furniture Ekornes Oslo Sofa


And just in case you thought we might be afraid of color here are the City and Metro low-back chairs in Paloma Clementine.

Stressless furniture Stressless City and Metro Low Back Chairs


There is even more I could have pictured but by now I think you have the idea. Even though our sofa styles may come and go, we will always have a huge selection of Stressless furniture on hand for you to experience for yourself. All our Stressless pieces are marked at the lowest price allowed by Stressless and if you come to us we’ll deliver to you for free. We are really nice people and we know the Stressless products inside and out, so give us a chance. We know you will love what you see.

Learn more about Stressless Furniture here.

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