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The Elements and Principles of Design are the foundation or building blocks of Interior Design.  How many times have you seen a space that is really put together and thought  “Wow that is really nice, how did she do that?”  Elements and Principals are second nature to designers.  When you study a space and discover the Elements & Principles incorporated into the design you’ll soon realize that designer really knew what she was doing!



Space is defined by walls, furnishings, ceilings and other devices such as screens and columns.  Space can be open as in a large empty room or closed as in a small closet.

In this example the railing defines and separates the dining area from the living space while still leaving it open and free flowing.

In this bedroom the ceiling separates the seating area from the sleeping space.  The lower height also makes it a nice cozy place to enjoy the fire.

Here the change in floor height as well as the short wall, which also serves as the back to the sectional, defines the living room.  Isn’t this a great room?

Space can also be positive or negative.  Take for example a bar stool.  The positive space would be the wood and legs plus the upholstered seat and back.  The negative space is the opening or empty areas between the seat and the back of the chair.

We'll delve deeper into more Principles & Elements of Interior Design in future blog posts

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