We want you to love your home.
Our goal is to help you create a joyful, harmonious, functional home.
If the results make a friend's chin drop, that's just a bonus.

Your creative partner is waiting at Stange's.

Your home is a reflection of your own unique personal style. What does your home reveal about you? Does your home mirror your tastes and desires? We all want a comfortable home where family and friends can connect, relax and enjoy spending time with one another. So how do you create the look everyone will love to come home to? One that captures your own unique personal style.

For 6 decades, Stange's has helped your neighbors create warm welcoming homes that reflect individual personalities and tastes. "We've met a lot of interesting people over the years," says Liz Stange. "Everyone has different life experiences and goals and every home has unique design challenges. Bring us your thoughts and ideas we'll set off with you on an exciting creative journey toward your dream home. Along the way we'll provide focus, inspiration and a sense of adventure." Dserv1

Ok! Sign me up. How do we begin? "We have 4 levels of design service. We hope you'll enjoy working with us and want to get more deeply involved but we understand that you may want to get your feet wet in the shallow end of the pool before you dive into our complete design service."


Call us and make an appointment for Design Assistance. It's free and easy. One of our designers will set aside time to help you in our store. Make a rough drawing of your space with some measurements. Bring pictures, arm caps or a pillow from the pieces you plan to keep. Spending time one on one, you get the chance to see if you would like us to become your creative partner, or you may get all the help you need.

With a Design Consultation a Stange's designer makes a one hour house call. Show her your problem areas. Pick her brain about whatever design issues you have. She'll have lots of solutions and much better picture of how Stange's can help. If you choose to get more deeply involved, we'll credit your $100 consultation fee toward your Complete Design Service retainer.

Our Complete Design Service is our most popular offering. First we send you a questionnaire to get your ideas flowing. Then 2 designers will visit your home and meet with you and your spouse. We want everyone's voice heard. We gather swatches, take pictures, measure spaces. We ask lots questions about how you use the room and what styles and colors attract you. You'll come to our store for a presentation of the design plan. By the time you come in, we've spent many hours searching for the perfect furniture and fabrics to fit your space and achieve the look you desire. We'll have a color scheme and floor plan to show you our ideas to bring your home to life. If we're lucky, you'll love our entire plan, but we expect that our ideas will bring out more thoughts from you. Design is really a communication process so there is a lot of back and forth until we settle on the major pieces.

Just like buying a pretty black dress, until you have shoes, a purse and jewelry, you don't have an outfit. Accessories have the same affect on your room. Your designers come back for the installation of your furniture and they accessorize your room. We'll use your things as well as bringing in new lamps, art and plants to complete the look. We will pick up any of the finishing touches that you decide aren't quite right for you. You pay a design retainer of $500. When your purchases reach $5000, we credit half of your retainer back toward your purchases. Plus design clients don't pay delivery charges.


Those of you just looking for the jewelry of interior design may want to choose Designer's Touch. Hire our design team on an hourly basis to give your space some pizazz with a new arrangement and accessories. It's really a makeover for your room using many of your things plus a few new pieces to freshen up your look.

Call us at 1-800-440-8113 or email us with your questions about our design services. Let's get your design ideas flowing. Your creative partner is waiting for you at Stange's.

Design Assistance

It's free. It's Easy. Seek the help of our interior designers. Make an appointment to meet with a Stange's interior designer in our store. We will set aside the time especially for you. Gain the help & advice that you need from our professional staff. Bring whatever you need to help your new creative partner understand our situation. Bring snapshots, blueprints, arm caps, cushions, even drawers.
Call or email Stange's
Realize your dreams for your home with our free Designer Assistance.
800-440-8113 or locally 715-258-8113

Design Consultation

Perhaps you just need a second opinion or the respected advice of a interior design professional before repainting or replacing window treatments, floor or wall covering. We're here to help. A Stange's interior designer will visit your home or project site for a one hour design consultation.
Get answers to your questions regarding architectural features, existing furnishings, color scheme, space planning or other important design considerations. Your designer is then  available in our store to further help you with your project.
It's all about making it easy and fun to make your home all you want it to be.

Complete Design Service

This, our most comprehensive combination of services, includes retaining an interior designer, dedicated to your project, who ensures the execution of a total plan according to functional and aesthetic goals. Among the services included are an in depth interview regarding your design preferences, two visits to your home and a complete design plan for your project.
Our designers will accessorize your room with pieces brought in on approval. After giving you time to live with the completed new look, any of the items brought in on approval can be returned.
Your complete satisfaction is our aim.

Designer's Touch

Think of it as a "makeover"for your room, We can approach your project floor by floor or one room at a time. Clients who choose this option typically have wonderful furniture - but  wish their rooms could look more like our showrooms. It's often a matter of furniture placement or the addition of accessories or alternative lighting. After an initial consultation  in your home, your design team will return to give your room its makeover.
Designer's Touch is billed on an hourly basis.
Dreaming about the possibilities? We can bring them to reality...today!

Let’s get started. Ask our designer’s a question or arrange a design appointment.

If you'd like to talk on the phone, we'll have a designer respond to your question during our business hours so give us a daytime phone number. You'll find our business hours at the bottom of this page.

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