Designer Showcase

Glimpse inside these projects completed by Stange's Design Team.

Interior Design Projects

We hope you will love what you see! We had great fun completing these interior design projects. Each project has a unique set of circumstances and each client brings their own view of what they want for their home. In the end each home came together in a way that our clients loved. We'll help you create the look you will love to come to.

Living Above Lake Monona

Stange's Designer Showcase

To the right of the lake view is the contemporary living space

Stange's Designer Showcase

The Wisconsin River Rustic Retreat Takes Us in a Different Direction

Stange's Designer Showcase

Overlooking the Living Room

Stange's Designer Showcase

Our Live Edge Dining Group Sets the Scene

Live Edge Dining

We'll help you take your vision for your home and turn it into reality. This small space worked out great as a conversation area. There are actually four matching chairs flanking our brass stump coffee table.

Stange's Designer Showcase

Vibrant or Calm?

Some spaces need a splash of color while others are perfect for a more soothing color scheme. Whether you want a soothing monochromatic look or or something more vibrant and exciting our designers will help bring your desires to life.

Dining Room with Accent Wall

Stange's Designer Showcase

Monochromatic Bedroom

Stange's Designer Showcase

Balance and Flow

Some rooms have a bad attitude. They need to feel balanced and have good traffic flow with furniture that doesn't over power your space.

Lawrence Home

Stange's Designer Showcase

Family Room

Stange's Designer Showcase

Their are almost always some pieces that our clients want to use.

They may be family treasures or just pieces that are too good to not use. Sometimes it's a hunting or fishing trophy. Other times it's a piece with great family memories.  It's all part of the design puzzle that our design team helps you navigate through. We'll combine your treasured pieces with new complimentary pieces to create the warm welcoming home you want.

Home in the Woods

Stange's Designer Showcase

Kitchen and Family Room

Stange's Designer Showcase

Decorative accessories are the jewelry of interior design.

They make or break your look. As part of Stange's complete design service option,  we complete your look with decorative accessories that we bring in on approval.

Designer Showcase
Stange's designer showcase formal living room

Ask Our Designers a Question. We’ll be happy to respond.

If you'd like to talk on the phone, we'll have a designer respond to your question during our business hours so give us a daytime phone number. You'll find our business hours at the bottom of this page.

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