Lilly’s Big Boo Boo

Kid Proof Crypton Fabrics

Our Granddaughter Lilly can do no wrong. Our little artist loves play dough, colored pencils and crayons.

One day she wandered into the sun room with a dark crayon. Before anyone had a clue, there was a new crayon design on the side of the sofa. Oh, Oh! Well at least she has good color sense. The crayon was navy.

crypton fabric with crayon

Lilly’s mom sent us this picture of Lilly’s latest art project. She was hoping her Papa would have an easy way to erase Lilly’s Boo Boo. Luckily for everyone the sofa material was a kid proof Crypton fabric. This video shows the formula that we used to remove Lilly’s boo boo.

The crayon came out and everyone lived happily ever after, including the sofa.

Lilly's BooBoo

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Afraid of white? Our curved Oslo ivory sectional is big kid proof too.

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kid proof fabrics

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