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Design Ideas from Stange's Design Team for Creating a Warm Welcoming Home

Elements of interior design | space
The Elements of Interior Design | Space
Back to the Basics The Elements and Principles of Design are the foundation or buildng blocks of Interior Design.  How many times
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Monochromatic Color Schemes
Mono – one,single,alone. A monochromatic color scheme takes a single color and runs through several of its tints, tones and shades.   In
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carry your paint chips
Carry Your Paint Chips
An Easy Way to Carry Your Home's Paint Colors A Smart Design Tip. When you are shopping for furniture, art
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Having sold home furnishings and decor since 1952 we've leaned a thing or two. We'll share interesting tidbits about the things we sell here.

Dust in the Wind
Dust in the Wind No, We're not talking about the song from 1977 by Kansas. Winds are blowing all over
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Stange's Stressless Zone
Glimpse Inside Our Stressless Zone
How much Stressless Furniture will you find at Stange’s? If you enter through our Washington Street doors you descend directly into
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kid proof fabrics
She Laughed When I Spilled Wine on Her Sofa!
Wine, coffee, mud--these fabrics can handle it all. Been dreaming of a white sofa but afraid of the stains? Look
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Some of our pieces come with a little history built in.

Thomas Edison Console
Thomas Edison Was Here!
An Industrial Console Table With a Whole Lot of History At first glance I saw a well made industrial console
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Sam Taylor & Bob Stange
Smokin in the Boiler Room
How Taylor – Stange Furniture began. Back in 1952, teachers Sammy Taylor & Bob Stange, were smoking cigarettes in the boiler
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Taylor Stange furniture 1952
Harry Truman was President when
It was 1952 when 2 school teachers decided to take a chance, risking their savings opening a furniture store. Bob put in
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