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She Laughed When I Spilled Wine on Her Sofa!

Wine, coffee, mud--these fabrics can handle it all.

Been dreaming of a white sofa but afraid of the stains? Look no further than Kid - Proof Fabrics from Crypton, Revolution, Sunbrella , Wear Proof and Wear Proof Plus. You''ll be able to laugh to when the Cabernet hits your cushions. Yes, you can spill red wine on a white sofa and not have a heart attack.


All Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics inherently resist virtually all stains and spills. Treat stains quickly by first blotting the trouble area with a clean damp cloth which in most cases will remove the majority of the stain.


All Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics meet and exceed Industry standards for durability. They are constructed to meet high wearability standards, combining durable fibers and heavy duty construction.


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are designed to repel liquids. The occasional spilled glass of juice or coffee will simply bead and puddle up on the surface allowing you to hand blot with a clean cloth.


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are designed with Silver Ion Technology which helps resist microbial development thus inhibiting odor causing bacteria.


*Some Kid-Proof by Rowe fabrics are saturated with highly UV stable pigments providing the ultimate protection towards the degrading effects of sunlight. Consider this if your furniture will be exposed to high levels of ultraviolet sunlight because all fabrics have the potential to fade under these conditions.

Cleanup is Easy! Check out this video from Crypton

Years of beautiful, reliable durability.

"If this fabric resists stains, is it full of chemicals?" So glad you asked. Crypton totes a GREENGUARD Gold certification, which means that it doesn't have a chemical smell or heavy off-gassing. Even chemically-sensitive people are able to enjoy Crypton fabric without a problem. Let us help you create the look you'll love to come home to with a sofa, chair or sectional covered in a Kid Proof Fabric.

The Elements of Interior Design | Space

Back to the Basics

The Elements and Principles of Design are the foundation or buildng blocks of Interior Design.  How many times have you seen a space that is really put together and thought  “Wow that is really nice, how did she do that?”  Elements and Principals are second nature to designers.  When you study a space and discover the Elements & Principles iincorporated into the design you’ll soon realize that designer really knew what she was doing!



Space is defined by walls, funishings, ceilings and other devices such as screens and columns.  Space can be open as in a large empty room or closed as in a small closet.

In this example the railing defines and separates the dining area from the living space while still leaving it open and free flowing.

In this bedroom the ceiling separates the seating area from the sleeping space.  The lower height also makes it a nice cozy place to enjoy the fire.

Here the change in floor height as well as the short wall, which also serves as the back to the sectional, defines the living room.  Isn’t this a great room?

Space can also be positive or negative.  Take for example a bar stool.  The positive space would be the wood and legs plus the upholstered seat and back.  The negative space is the opening or empty areas between the seat and the back of the chair.

We'll delve deeper into more Principles & Elements of Interior Design in future blog posts



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Harry Truman was President when

It was 1952 when 2 school teachers decided to take a chance, risking their savings opening a furniture store. Bob put in $3000. Sam was a little short, so he threw in his car which they traded for this pickup truck.

They rented this store front from Hansen Photography. Randy Hansen's studio was upstairs. When they had a day without a sale they would go upstairs and sell Randy a pencil.

"Number Please", The operator would say. "Five Six" was my reply. Then she would ring our store. You can see our first phone number prominently displayed on the door of our truck below. Our phone numbers are longer now but among our phone numbers is 715-256-5656

All these years later, we're still taking chances at Stange's, buying uncommon home furnishings you won't find at stores that play it safe. Risk a short drive to Waupaca. With six floors of showrooms inside 3 attached buildings, there is plenty for you to see.



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Monochromatic Color Schemes

Mono – one,single,alone. A monochromatic color scheme takes a single color and runs through several of its tints, tones and shades.   In an interior when we hear monochromatic we often think of white, cream, or beige but it can really be any color, purple, blue, green, you name it – or dream it.  You may think this is kind of boring but a monochromatic color scheme is anything but.  It is soft, elegant, peaceful, calm, – Zen.  It has a subtle energy due to the lack of contrast and speaking of contrast one of the elements I really love about monochromatic color schemes is playing around with textural contrast.  Without color stealing the show textures give the color scheme a lift and playing with their contrasts is so much fun!

2011 Dream Home Bedroom at Merchandise Mart contemporary bedroom
The area rug adds textural warmth, the ripply fabric on the shades and roll pillow lend a texture you just want to touch.  The mirrors and light given off by the wall sconces introduce a smooth shiny element.  Oooooh love this bedroom, has warm and cool textures (more on this in an upcoming post)
Casa Verde Design traditional living room
Great texture in the stone, really draws your eye to the fireplace.  A little color creeping in, see the flowers 🙂
Virginia Highlands House contemporary living room
Velvet upholstery on the backless settee’s – so soft to touch.  The sculptures in the corner bring in a rough, dimensional element.
Rustic Family Room eclectic family room
Who wouldn’t love this living room and want to live there?  Anything but boring!!  Wood floor and ceiling, lots of warm texture there.  The lighting on the fireplace highlights its dimension.  Fabric/leather combination on the chairs says “I’m so hip” and the chandelier adds that candle glow flicker (I know they’re not real candles!)


If you like this soft soothing bedroom your creative partner at Stange’s of Waupaca can help you create a monochromatic room you’ll love to come home to!
Sendai Bathroom contemporary bathroom
Ok I admit I haven’t been in many men’s restrooms but this has got to be the coolest one I’ve ever seen.
Let’s move on to some “color” monochromatic s
Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary family room
Soft buttery yellow – makes you want to melt.
Art Deco - Miami style! contemporary bedroom
Bring the outside in – green, green, green.  Just look outside and see  how beautifully mother nature mixes green.
Sophie Azouaou traditional bedroom
Mint – what a restful night’s sleep you’d get in this bedroom.
Now if you live in Wisconsin, like I do, this time of year you need a bloody nose to get a little color in your life.   Here’s  a few monochromatic s with a pop of color for excitement.  That’s the other great thing about monochromatic s, its so easy to add some color without breaking the bank.  A few pillows, lamps, new art work, candles and you just changed up your room, giving your stable pieces a new look.  Life couldn’t be better.
Living Room traditional living room
How about blue?
Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary living room
Or yellow…..
Modern Manor contemporary living room
More Yellow
2007 ASO Decorators Showhouse & Gardens contemporary living room
Navy gets a touch of red.
Now wasn’t that fun?  You have to agree monochromatic s aren’t boring.
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Carry Your Paint Chips

An Easy Way to Carry Your Home's Paint Colors

A Smart Idea

Paint a Popsicle stick or paint stick  for each room in your home.

Drill a hole near the end of each stick. Fasten them together with a nut & bolt and you are done.
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