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Use Leather Conditioner and Stain Remover Specifically Designed for Ekornes

To retain its beauty & desirable qualities, leather requires conditioning to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. unless provided with proper care & protection, excessive dryness can cause leather to crack and too much moisture can cause it to stffen as it drys out.

Unprotected leather is highly susceptible to spotting from water & other liquids. Water & detergents contain minerals & chemicals that when dry will remain on the leather causing deterioration of the natural fibers. The use of too much oil or wax can clog pores. When this happens, leather loses its ability to allow air in & moisture out. Even worse, oils & wax attract dirt and dust particles which actually cut the microscopic fibers that make leather so strong & durable.

Hide Bracer cleans without stripping oils, conditions without clogging the pores and provides water resistance without sealing the leather surface. Hide Bracer protects against staining & discoloration that can occur from contact with water, body oils, cosmetics, lotions, hair sprays, persperation & other soiling agents It is non-iconic in nature, meaning that it was developed to compatible with the finishes applied at the tannery & is pH stable accross a broad pH range.


Stressless Hide Bracer


8 oz. Ekornes Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner ,
will protect your leather with a barrier against dirt and spills. It guards against ultraviolet fading while helping to prevent leathers from drying and cracking. With normal usage of leather piece, apply often as needed or at least 4 times per year.Not for use on fibrous suede, nubuck or fiber. Condition one area at a time with a soft cloth allowing bracer to penetrate evenly. Using same cloth, remove any excess and buff to soften the leather.

Ekornes Ink Away 2.5 oz Stick, Ink & Stain Remover cleans away ink, lipstick, heel scuffs, and difficult stains from most top finished leathers. Push up the stick & coat the stained area by rubbing in a circular motion. Clean stain off stick with a soft cloth, never rub surface of leather directly with cloth. When done condition the leather with Hide Bracer. Always pretest and do not use on fibrous suede, nubuck or unfinished leathers.

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Ekornes Hide Bracer 8 oz. Bottle

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Ekornes Ink Away 2.5 oz Stick

Qty to Order: at $15.95 each