Indigenous Masterieces from Pacific Green

In our constant search for the uncommon and unque in home furnishings, we just could not pass up this furniture from the South Pacific. The indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands have a totally different way of looking at life and enjoying the simple pleasures that nature provides. There's is a timeless minimalist approach to life, love and work.


Based in the beautiful  Fijian Islands, Pacific Green uses native Coconut Palm trees that are too old to bear fruit, recycling them to create the Palmwood used in their hand made designs. No two pieces are identical. Every piece is inspired by the culture and lifestyle of indigenous tribes around the world. Every piece a work of art.

Designs are inspired by traditional arts of Egypt, South Africa, China, Polynesia and North America. The Navajo Chair's ribbed back design replicates the canoe building techniques of native Americans, where bark skins were stretched over & lashed to wooden frames.

All pieces are intricately finished using traditional techniques and motifs like those that decorated ancient spears and arrows.

Influenced by the design of Polynesian canoes where wood panels were lashed together with coconut fiber ropes, the Cayenne loveseat (above), sofa or chairs capture the moment that anchor is dropped in a calm bay on Tahiti.

Cool Palmwood Floor & Table Lamps help complete the look


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