Our Antler Flatware is made of stamped Sheffield Stainless Steel with deer antler handles and silver caps at the base of the handle.

Shown next to the 5 piece placesetting ($149 /placesetting) is the 2 piece Carving Set ($74 /set)

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Antler Flatware 5 piece place setting

Qty to Order: at $149.00 /place setting

Antler 2 piece Carving Set

Qty to Order: at $74.00 /place setting


Our 4 piece Steak Knife set ($110.00 /set) is shown with an Antler Steak Knife Rest  ($29.00) which will hold 4 knives.


Secure Online Ordering

Antler Steak Knives (set of 4)

Qty to Order: at $110.00 /place setting

Antler Steak Knife Rest

Qty to Order: at $29.00 each


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